Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Kali linux 2.0 Sana installation - Using Live CD Method

This is my second article on Kali 2.0 Sana installation. In my Previous Post which has the detailed background & Installation methods of Kali OS, I showed how to perform Kali installation using Traditional INSTALL method. This post shows how to install Sana OS using Live CD method.

Before we proceed, 

I just want to let you know the system requirements of Kali 2.0 Sana.

1) A minimum of 10 GB disk space for the Kali Linux install.
2) For i386 and amd64 architectures, a minimum of 512MB RAM.
3) CD-DVD Drive / USB boot support
I used Vmware workstation 11 to demonstrate the installation. If you want to know how to create a VM in Vmware check this link (Sana VM creation). Insert the CD/DVD ISO file or USB whatever you have & Power on your machine.

This is the window you get once you have started your machine. This shows the list of available Installation methods, Select any one of the options to proceed with the Installation. I have selected Live method & this article will show the steps involved in this method.

Now Click on the Show Applications window. And search for install.

Double click on 'install kali'.

I had some screen resolution issues with my Vmware Workstation tool, Couldn't capture the Next and Cancel buttons in my snapshots. You can press Enter from your keyboard to proceed to Next step  Back key to go back. If you want to enlarge the displayed images on this post, just click on the image.

Next few steps require your custom inputs. They are self explanatory, you will be asked to enter Language, Keyboard and Country details. Select your preferred language and click Next.

Next you have to enter your network details. If you want you can skip this step and give the IP details after the installation also.

In the next step, enter your DNS server IP, This can be changed anytime later.

Next enter the hostname that you want to assign to your Kali machine.

Enter root password and press Enter to continue.

I am going with default disk partition options, these options can be changed later.

Select Yes and press Enter.

Actual Installation starts..

It will take around 10 mins for the installation process to complete, It may vary depending upon the hardware. Once the installation is completed, You will get the login screen just like below.

Congrats! we're done with the installation. Kali Linux 2.0 (Sana) is ready to use NOW!



  1. I have searched to write "install". But i couldn't that tool "install kali". Only i have got others two tool "packeges" and " packeges updater". Help me please what can i do now?

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