Friday, 22 December 2017

[Workaround and Fix] - Power given, but Power Controller does not report Power Good - Cisco 2960X Stack

If you hit this page, I think you have encountered an issue similar to what I have faced in my production environment yesterday. But still let me give you a brief about what I had seen so that you can compare it with your problem and apply the fix if needed.


Couple of PCs which were connected to our access layer switch WS-C2960X-48LPS-L were continuously flapping. It was not the link flap, but a POE related flap. Look at the strange alerts on the interfaces,

%ILPOWER-3-CONTROLLER_PORT_ERR: Controller port error, Interface Gi1/0/32: Power given, but Power Controller does not report Power Good
%ILPOWER-7-DETECT: Interface Gi1/0/32: Power Device detected: IEEE PD
%ILPOWER-5-POWER_GRANTED: Interface Gi1/0/32: Power granted
%ILPOWER-5-IEEE_DISCONNECT: Interface Gi1/0/32: PD removed
%ILPOWER-7-DETECT: Interface Gi1/0/32: Power Device detected: IEEE PD


This just kept happening again and again. Though the device doesn't need POE, it appeared to be related to POE negotiation. So as a workaround I just disabled POE on the interface using below command after which the alerts just disappeared.

Switch(config-if)int g1/0/32
Switch(config-if)#power inline never
And when we checked with Cisco for the solution, they said it is a hardware fault and raised RMA for the device. 

I hope this piece of information was useful for you.

GNS3 and Palo Alto Integration - Required download links

Last week I tried to setup Palo Alto in Vmware workstation and link it with GNS3 software. In that process, I found below download links to be useful and I wanted to share it with you all.

GNS3 Palo Alto Support Page

Here is the PA GNS3 appliance support page:-

Palo Alto Vmware Download Images







Leave a comment if you think this is useful and let me know if you are looking for any other such links.